Current Projects

Water Street Reconstruction

Water Street Reconstruction

Stark Excavating reconstructed the last section of Water Street along the Peoria riverfront between Hamilton Boulevard and Liberty Street. This particular section of Water Street flanks the old Sears block, which is where the Lakeview Museum and Caterpillar visitor center were being constructed. Phase 1 work began May 3, 2010 and was completed before the July 4, 2010 weekend and Phase 2 work was then completed in October 2010.

Fill was placed to build up the final elevation of the roadway 5 ft. to help prevent flooding which historically has been an issue with this stretch of Water Street. 1700lf of new storm sewer lines with nine new structures were installed and another 28 existing structures reconstructed; new sanitary sewer lines and structures were installed; and existing structures were adjusted. 6200lf of curb and gutter, 5700sy of reinforced concrete pavement, and 12,000sf of new sidewalks which included both concrete and decorative brick were installed. Retaining walls had to be built to accommodate the roadway elevation change. A 450lf cast in place retaining wall with a set of stairs and decorative railing and lighting was built along the Caterpillar parking deck, and an 8450sf landscape retaining wall with decorative lighting and bushes was erected along the railroad tracks. Stark also installed 1500lf of water main, five domestic and fire services and four hydrants between Hamilton Boulevard and Liberty Street which were completed in conjunction with the Water Street construction schedule.

The completion of this project has made the area more pedestrian friendly which was an important aspect in the redevelopment of the downtown Peoria area.