About us

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    Our Mission

    Our Mission is to deliver creative and cost effective solutions in everything we do. We strive to work above and beyond stakeholder expectations and to deliver the best possible result while never compromising our integrity or our commitment to quality and safety.

  • ICON

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to be the most successful and respected contractor in Illinois by recruiting and retaining the best in the industry, continually educating to produce innovative results, communicating effectively to accomplish more as a team, and providing a safe work environment.

Core Values

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    Provide the training and tools necessary to provide a safe work environment for our employees. Emphasize the importance of safety in everything we do.

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    Quality/Pursuit of Excellence

    Strive for continuous improvement in our processes and training to deliver a quality product consistently. Do it right the first time, every time, then evaluate to see if it can be done better the next time.

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    Always search for better solutions, tools and equipment in order to provide greater value to our customers

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    Support strategies that meet society’s present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

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    Community Service

    Be a leader in the community by actively participating in community affairs. Understand we are part of a larger community and do our part to make a difference in our surroundings

  • Stark


    Support one another as a team to produce a better outcome than what could be accomplished individually.

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    Commit to putting in the time and effort to overcome obstacles and reach our goals

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    Provide confidence and credibility to our customers by demonstrating our commitment to high technical and ethical standards.

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    Employee Development

    Recognize the importance of each individual for his or her active role in the company. Provide our employees with opportunities to achieve success.

  • Stark


    Never compromise our core values.