Current Projects

Uptown Normal Project

Uptown Normal Project

This project included the replacement of existing 100 year old underground infrastructure utilities, street construction/ improvements and streetscape improvements. The first phase of the project began in March 2007 and the final phase of the project was completed in June 2010.

The streetscape included buried structural cells designed to promote tree root growth, special planter bed curbing, special soil blends in the tree wells and planter beds, brick paved walks, irrigation system, asphalt trail, and street furnishings. The centerpiece of the streetscape was the traffic circle that connects Beaufort Street, North Street, and Constitution Boulevard. A uniquely designed public space was positioned in the center of the traffic circle where visitors enjoy shade trees and a flowing water feature along the exterior edges of the park-like environment.

During the course of the project, Stark Materials furnished over 12,750 cubic yards of ready-mix concrete, 140,000 tons of sand & gravel and recycled 50,000 tons of removed concrete.