Current Project

Spotlight on a Few Stark Projects

CH 6/Bridge Replacement
Stark Excavating did the County Highway 6/7th street bridge replacement over Indian Creek in Fairbury, IL. This project began in August 2012 consisting of removal of the existing three span bridge structure and construction of a five span, continuously reinforced, concrete slab bridge, along with asphalt surfacing and other incidental work required to complete the section. Even though the project start was delayed three weeks due to utility conflicts, we were still able to complete the bridge, paving, and open the road by the December 15th deadline. Coordinating subcontractors to conform to our tight schedule and meeting deadlines was a significant challenge to overcome.

I-474 Bridge over Illinois River
Stark was contracted to perform work on the Shade Lohman bridge. This project began in the fall of 2011, and consisted of building two crossovers on the east and west ends of the bridge, allowing traffic to move back and forth from the eastbound bridge to the westbound bridge to accommodate staging. The crossover work included earthwork, drainage pipe, and aggregate base. In July 2012 Stark poured the latex overlay on the westbound bridge. The latex overlay for the eastbound bridge was completed in October 2012. Stark poured over 29,500 square yards of latex overlay on the two bridges. Over 13,900 LF of bidwell rail was set which translates to 6,950 brackets that also had to be set. One major challenge to overcome was the schedule that dictated we pour every four days requiring Stark to strip and set over 1,150 LF of bidwell rail in two days. In July on the westbound bridge Stark had to pour at night due to daytime heat, sun, and high winds. Stark poured the eastbound deck in October, scheduling pours around cold temperatures and rain while maintaining the schedule of pouring every four days. Stark had to closely estimate the latex quantity so there would be enough rock, sand, cement, and latex delivered since pouring took place at night and material sources would not be available. Throughout the project, estimating material needs was very difficult due to inconsistent deck thicknesses and limited room to stockpile material at the ends of the bridges. Due to pouring the deck the full width, all of the access was from one end of the deck. Stark had to bring latex in on one end and all of the curing materials and water source from the other end. Having no overhang brackets or walkways outside the deck required the finishing and wet curing to be done from three motorized work bridges.

Demo @ Parkway Cinemas
Stark began work in February at the site for the first downstate LA Fitness facility. This 45,000 square foot building is located at the previous Parkway Cinemas site on Veterans Parkway. Work completed to date on this project included the separation of the existing building from the adjacent buildings, demolition work, and foundation removal. One interesting challenge on this project was the partial demolition of an existing structure adjacent to operating businesses. This required extensive planning and preparation during the estimating process, and careful execution. Stark was able to salvage approximately 90% of the building by careful site planning, and meticulous sorting of materials onsite.