Current Project

McLean County Law & Justice Expansion Project – Bloomington

In January 2016, Stark was the successful bidder to the McLean County Public Building Commission for re-routing site utilities and mass excavating for the Law & Justice Expansion Project.

After completion of the project for the Public Building Commission, Stark Excavating was hired by River City Construction to execute the shoring and structural/foundation excavation for the expansion and remodel to the Law & Justice Center located at 104 W. Front Street in Bloomington beginning May 2017.

The building portion of the project being performed for River City Construction includes sheet pile installation to protect the existing parking garage and waterline during the mass basement and foundation excavation; backfill.

Matt Walk reported, “Since mid-August, we have completed sheet piling, mass excavation, and most of the foundation excavation, in addition to a portion of foundation backfill. The remainder foundation and basement backfills, slab subbase, sheet pile removal, and all site work will continue into the Fall/Winter 2017; site concrete work will likely extend into spring 2018.”

Challenges on this project include custom designed sheet pile installation with the assistance of a third party engineer and logistics/sequencing of the foundation excavation and backfill on such a tight sight footprint.

We were unable to drive sheet pile to engineered depth with a vibratory driver. After exploring multiple options including tie-backs, walers, etc., to support the sheets and ensure 100% safety in meeting engineered design, it was determined an impact driver was the best solution.

In 1976, Stark performed the excavation for the original McLean County Law Enforcement building for Felmley- Dickerson Company. This was the first major contract ever performed by Stark. In 1988, Stark performed excavation for the expansion of the Law Enforcement Center for River City Construction. “We are extremely proud to have been a part of each phase of this project,” remarks Dave Stark.

Project Team: Chris Ryan, Josh Martin, Matt Walk, Mark Yoder, Josh Hauter, Darrell Karr, Kevin Pribble