Current Project

First Street and Fourth Street Completion “Beats the Heat” – Champaign

Stark was awarded the combined $2.95 million roadway construction projects in the spring of 2016. These projects had to be completed prior to the end of summer when University of Illinois students returned to campus. Crews overcame difficult challenges related to rain, heat, project phasing and pedestrian control to meet the deadline. The First Street project bisected the handicap accessibility route between student dormitories and specialized facilities, so maintaining ADA compliance throughout the project was paramount. Per project Superintendent Todd Baker, “It was difficult to keep routes open while still staying productive on this project, but we put in temporary concrete ramps at the intersections and wood-built ramps at curbs that we could move around the project to keep sidewalks clear for pedestrians”. The First Street project was unique in that we were also completing the exterior work on the adjacent Ikenberry Commons Residence Hall that required access through First Street to keep on target to meet deadlines.

On Fourth Street, the project was separated into two stages to keep access into the State Farm Center which is undergoing the final season of massive renovations. This project, combined with the concrete work Stark performed on the State Farm Center last year and the Fourth Street South project Stark also constructed, completes the corridor of new infrastructure and access to the State Farm Center and the University of Illinois Research Park from the South. Both projects were delayed significantly due to the above average rain received this summer. In order to meet project deadlines, concrete pours had to be started in the very early mornings due to temperature concerns that would have prevented pouring. However, Stark met deadlines to the satisfaction of the clients at City of Champaign and University of Illinois. Stark team members have a tremendous amount of pride for their work as they support new football coach Lovie Smith and his team as they march the “Illini Walk” down our newly reconstructed street. Project Superintendents: Todd Baker, Mark Aberle, Ben Killian (concrete superintendent), Adam Weaver (concrete superintendent), and Brad Jameson (Estimator/Project Manager)