Winter/Spring 2012 Highlighted Projects

Broadway Avenue Box Culvert Replacement Nearing Completion

Located on Broadway Avenue over the north branch of Sugar Creek, between Archie Avenue to Florence Avenue in Normal, Illinois, this project replaces the existing box culvert structure which was deteriorating after many years of wear and tear.

The need was identified to replace the entire structure as well as the pavement on both sides of the structure. Prior to the start of this project, there were temporary concrete barriers shifting traffic to the center of the structure to keep traffic from using the outside lanes due to the declining condition of the structure. This new box culvert will be more functional and will mimic the original structure.

With the project starting in mid-October 2011, Stark crews have completed removal of the existing bridge, constructed a new triple barrel box culvert, paved ditch, installed storm and sanitary sewer, along with approaches. As the warm spring weather approaches, Stark crews will continue work on constructing brick parapet walls, 8" PCC pavement, curb and gutter, slope wall, sidewalk and seeding. The project is expected to wrap up this spring.

Newly constructed triple barrel box culvert
March 2012

Box culvert pre-construction - Fall 2011

Box culvert post-construction - Spring 2012

Stark crews are on schedule despite delays early in the project. The project started approximately three months later than planned due to delays related to utility relocations.

New Wilhelm Road Bridge To Improve Traffic Flow


Stark crew sets west span of concrete box beams November 28, 2011


With an increased amount of traffic in the last ten years due to all the subdivision development in this area of town, this new bridge will allow an alternate route for traffic going from/to the North Allen Rd. and North Knoxville area from/to Route 91 which ends up at either The Shoppes at Grand Prairie or in the Village of Dunlap. This new route will ease some of the congestion at Allen and Alta Road near Alta.

During the planning of the subdivision developments in the area years ago, it was understood that there was going to be a need for a structure to carry traffic across the creek on Wilhelm Rd. Stark crews began work in early September 2011 with plans for completion in Spring 2012.

Stark's work includes approximately 25,000 CY of imported earth embankment. The completed bridge will be three spans of concrete box beams, H-pile under the two piers and abutments. The bridge has a concrete wearing surface with parapet walls and guardrail. There is also a 10' bike path that runs across the bridge connecting the existing bike path on the east side of the bridge with the Rock Island Trail. The creek is lined with rip rap (which was completed in November) and a small amount of storm sewer and asphalt pavement on both sides of the bridge to connect into the existing road.

Stark crews began this project the first week in September 2011 with tree removal and stripping topsoil. Then crews drove H-pile for piers 1 and 2 (pictured right). Once the pile was driven, crews continued with forming and placing concrete for piers 1 and 2. After pier 1 was placed, crews were able to excavate the unsuitable materials and place the sand filter bed under the west embankment, then start constructing the west side embankment which was completed in early November. Crews then drove the pile, formed and placed concrete for the west abutment.

Stark crews then moved to the east side and have excavated the unsuitable material, placed the sand filter bed under the east embankment, and placed one-third of the earth embankment on the east side. The east side consists of about 70-75% of the total embankment for the job – which crews are still working to complete. Before winter weather hit, crews set two of the three spans of bridge beams and have about 12' of fill left to do before the east abutment can be completed.

As crews resume work this spring, they will complete the east embankment, set the last span of bridge beams, place the concrete wearing surface, parapet walls and bridge approaches, install the storm sewer, asphalt pavement, re-spread topsoil and landscape.

Parkland College Fitness Center Addition


Stark crews using concrete pump truck to pump concrete into Fitness Center from access road January 2012


Parkland College, one of the premier junior colleges in the nation, continues to grow and expand its Champaign campus.

In the summer of 2011, Stark was awarded the site work and building foundation package for Parkland's Fitness Center Addition and Expansion project. Parkland's current fitness center is small and outdated, and could no longer meet the needs of the ever-growing student population. The new addition consists of building an approximate 9,400 SF addition that will have an elevated running track. Work began on the project in the summer of 2011 and is nearly complete. The expanded fitness center will open this summer with plans to include fitness classes.

The steel was not complete until the winter of 2011. This meant the building would then have to be nearly totally enclosed for crews to be able to place the concrete and have the temperatures needed for the cure.

On the day of the pour, Stark pumped into place approximately 70 CY of concrete for the slab, the stairs and the landings for the stairs. The concrete was pumped from the access road of the college through one of the store front windows and then slick lined around the proposed track.

Stark met the client and the general contractor expectations by multi-tasking and delivering our product ontime. Our work opened up the new expansion for all of the other trades to jump in and get going on their work."

Spotlight on a Few of Stark's Current Projects

Locust Street CSO Elimination/Water Main Replacement-Phase 1, Bloomington.
Project consists of installing various sizes and types of storm and sanitary pipe to separate sewers leading into the combined sewer overflow. Project also includes water main replacement. Construction is being done in the streets of Towanda, Country Club, Perrin, Jefferson, Washington and Mercer in multiphases. First phase included the areas of Bloomington Jr/Sr High School and Bloomington Country Club, with a tight completion date so that the golf course could be open on time and baseball fields would be ready for spring sports. This project began in late 2011 and is expected to take approximately 1-1/2 years to complete the entire project.

Uptown Normal Gateway Plaza, Normal.
Project consists of removal and reconstruction of pavement and sidewalks, retaining walls, landscaping and pedestrian lighting in the area between the Children's Discovery Museum and the future Town of Normal Transportation Center. Project will compliment the Uptown Circle that Stark was involved in constructing a couple of years ago.

Main Street Water Main Replacement, Normal.
Stark is installing approximately 4230' of 16" ductile iron pipe (DIP) along Main Street in North Normal. There is also some additional DIP installation at Northtown Road and Main Street. There will also be an 800 ft. directional bore under interstates I-55 and I-74.

Barker Motor Company-Showroom & Service Drive Addition, Bloomington.
As part of a remodel and upgrade to the facility, Stark's work includes demolishing the existing service drop off building (completed in spring) and the existing sales office (to be completed at a later date), removing partial curb, sidewalk and pavement and replacing earth excavation.

County Highway 23 Roselands Bridge, Meadows Road in McLean County.
Stark's work on this project will consist of the construction of a three span continuous reinforced concrete slab bridge, bridge approach slab, guardrail, traffic barrier terminals and bituminous surfaced approaches.

Caterpillar, Inc. Building BB East Docks, East Peoria.
Project is currently underway so that CAT can eliminate two temporary outside loading docks. Stark's work includes removing the interior floor slab, existing exterior pavement, demo of a small concrete building and removing sheeting on the outside of the building, constructing new loading docks, interior floor slab, exterior pavement, sanitary and storm sewer installation and structural steel work. Project is scheduled to be completed by early June 2012.

Caterpillar, Inc. Building SS Dock 11, East Peoria.
Project is being completed so that CAT can create additional floor space inside the building for temporary staging of machine parts. There are currently 4 loading docks inside the building and Stark will be moving them outside the building. Stark's work consists of removing the interior floor slab, removing the existing loading docks, filling in the existing loading dock pits inside the building, existing exterior pavement demo, constructing new building footing and foundation walls, exterior loading dock footing and foundation walls, installing new loading docks, interior floor slab, exterior pavement storm sewer installation and structural steel work. Stage 1 of the project is scheduled to be completed in June 2012 and Stage 2 will be completed during CAT's two-week plant shutdown in July.